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$2-for-$1 Matching Funds

Since 2004, an individual sponsor has matched all donations $2-for-$1. This means that all donated funds are spent only on research and patient support services and no donated funds are used for salary or operational costs. Further, only a small portion of the matching funds are used for expenses other than research and patient support services to meet the goals of PC Project. To continue to achieve our goals, we need each individual PCer, family and friend to participate in funding efforts -- even a small donation makes a tremendous difference at PC Project.




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Privacy Policy

PC Project respects the privacy of our donors and those who register on the website. PC Project collects the name and contact information (including address and email) from donors and from those registering on the website to request information. PC Project's policy is that it does not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information to others unless required for law enforcement or otherwise required by law. The contact information collected is used solely to provide free informational materials regarding Pachyonychia congenita or to provide a tax-related donation receipt to donors. All data is stored in a password encripted secure database accessed only by PC Project staff.

This Privacy Policy Statement details PC Project Privacy Policy has been in place since PC Project website went online. No changes in policy have been made in this Privacy Policy since its inception. If any change is made to this policy it will be noted and dated.

If you have any question regarding the contact information on file at PC Project, please contact us through email ( or telephone (877-628-7300).


No paid advertising, banners or links are permitted on this website and no paid advertising, banners or links on this website are used in any way for fundraising.