How You Can Help

Annual PC Awareness Around the World - June 2015

It is very important that every PC patient and family join with us to raise funds and raise awareness of PC in some way in their own communities for this annual event. Click for easy 1-2-3- How To Get Started Steps and highlights of some events (as well as an Awareness Past Event Archive).

The PC Facebook Awareness Event also has details on some PC Awareness Around The World events for 2013.

It takes millions of dollars for clinical trials plus costs for research and patient services. Both the percentage of patients in the IPCRR and the number helping in fundraising efforts greatly matters to grant funding and sponsors.



Fundraising Archive

The Fundraising Archive features many wonderful fundraisers who have made a difference over the years. We are so grateful for these stars! Each effort is absolutely essential to achieving our mission goals.

With donations from PC patients, friends, and family around the world, we are making a difference! Please join with us and be part of the PC community of supporters.

Volunteers assist PC Project in many areas

• Translators • Event Coordinators • Graphic Artists
• Local Meeting Hosts • Webmeeting Hosts • Writers or Editors
• Welcome Calls • Website content • Proofreaders

Connect With Us if you'd like to volunteer your time and talents.
Donate as much or as little as you can. Every donation contributes to our success.

Try one of these creative ways to raise funds for PC Project
(with little or no cost to you!)

SPONSOR an event in your local community to raise awareness and raise funds. This can be held at any time or several times during the year. For example, in June each year we feature PC Awareness Month and more than 50 local events were held last year raising nearly $100,000 for PC Research. Your event may be large or small—whatever may be of interest in your area! There are a number of resources available to help you plan your event. The Step By Step Fundraising website  is absolutely wonderful and gives excellent help. Their guide called "5 Keys for Successful Fundraising" is outstanding and is provided free by registering at their site.

SHOP for PC. You can raise funds for PC Project just by shopping online. It doesn't cost you anything extra on your purchases. Select PC Project as your charity at any of the following which have hundreds of stores in each service and every time you shop online, a percentage of your shopping will be donated to PC Project.

SURF the Internet. Earn pennies with each internet search! While Google or Bing may still be your favorites, select PC Project as your charity at GoodSearch and you will be helping raise funds for PC research.

RECYCLE to raise funds. Collect old cell phones, used ink-jet cartridges, and small electronics. Once you have collected at least 20 items, ship them to Planet Green by printing a shipping label using this link. Planet Green receives and inspects the items, then they send PC Project a check. You can also raise funds when you buy recycled ink-jet cartridges from Planet Green and designate PC Project as the charity.

Any of the following items can be recycled and will raise money for PC research.

· Inkjet Cartridges  · iPods/MP3 Players  · Cell Phones /Pagers  · Digital /Video Cameras & Camcorders
· GPS & Radar Detectors  · PDAs  · Mobile Hot Spots  · iPads /Tablets  · Calculators  · eBook Readers
· Video Game Consoles & Handhelds  · Video Games & Accessories

You may also mail your items to us and we will recycle for you:
PC Project 
2386 East Heritage Way, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84109