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These patients are all parrticipants in the patient registry and have genetic test results confirming PC. Being in the registry is the most important step a patient can take to move PC research forward. Whether you are a patient, scientist, physician, donor, family member or friend, reading these patient stories will give you a better understanding of what it's like to live with PC. The extraordinary accomplishments of PCers is evident. We are grateful to these patients for sharing their stories.

Jan's Corner

The "Living With PC: Jan's Corner" posts from 2003-2012 were very popular and are now accessible in the Living With PC Archive. You may read individual topics or use the free download link for the complete collection of Jan's Corner in E-book formant. Also, these posts are indexed and available on the PC Wiki so you can search for a specific word or topic.

You may also Connect With Us to request a bound copy of the blog.


Although PC is a rare disorder, there are individuals and families around the world living with it. Their stories are touching and illustrate the complexities and effects of this condition.