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Regular nail care is essential for those with PC. Patients use a variety of methods and tools. Following is a list of various medications, products, tips and tools which help PCer's care for their nails.

Nail Care for Children with PC

K6a patient "Nail care for children. Trim baby's nails when asleep or relaxed. Use the sharpest pair of nail clippers you can find, and don't take off too much at a time. Then file the nail smooth, in one direction only. Filing back and forth seems to make it sore. The more we messed with the nail, the more likely we were to have problems. Groom their nails about every 2 weeks. The nails are more noticeable when they're longer, but it's the balance between "short enough" and "not too often". Then apply a nail polish top coat or nail hardener."

K6a patient "Trim regularly using large nail clippers. Trim PC children's nails every few weeks using large nail clippers and razor blades. Soak nails in water first. Seems to ward off infectious nails. Can sometimes feel a twinge in nail to warn of oncoming infection. Trimming immediately can avoid the problem altogether. Never get infected nails as an adult, but young children still do."

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