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Following is a list of various medications, products, tips and tools which help PCer's care for their skin.

Excess Ear Wax

K6a patient "I'm only mentioning this as a PC patient, I'm being operated on for my excess ear wax. My ear is terribly clogged and as my doctor said today "a mess." The last time I had this happen was 17 years ago. When my doctor saw me today he said I had waited way too long (last visit was in 1996 – he said I must come every 6 months to have my ears cleaned) and he will always remember me since I was his only patient, ever, who he had to surgically remove my clogged ear and where my skin grew thick and disproportionately!!."

K6a patient "When I was a child, I had my ears - my left more than my right - cleaned out by a doctor, but then my mom started using a bobby pin to gently do it and it worked and I still do it today. I don't know that I could ever recommend that on a public board because any doctor would cringe I'm sure. For my boys excessive ear wax, about every two weeks I gently scoop out the big globs of wax with that same type of bobby pin. Then I use warm water and a special plastic syringe that an ENT gave me for the very purpose and I flush out their ears with that by squirting the water in the ear and letting it run out into a container I hold below their ears. This seems to dislodge crustier wax and bits fall out into the container. But sometimes, all it does is make the wax really white and soggy, but then I can gently scoop it out quite easily. If I don't do this to my boys on a regular basis, they actually have a harder time hearing. Just the other day, I'd let one of my children go too long and after I did it, he commented on how much better he could hear. With my older child, being my first PC kid, we noticed when he had trouble hearing in school in kindergarten. Needless to say, I am very vigilant about it during the school year. Yet another thing about PC that I'd kind of forgotten and that we've never really addressed maintenance of ear wax. It would be interesting to know how big a problem this is for people and how they deal with it."

If you have tips/comments about excessive ear wax please email

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