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General Comments

K6a patient "Custom made to fit inside shoes. Somewhat hard. Cannot walk without them."

K6a patient "Had blisters crawling up the sides of feet on both sides, nearly to ankles. Podiatrist made leather insoles with extra padding for the pressure points - the ball of foot, heel and built up the outsides as her feet tended to roll outwards. Strict instructions to find leather, lace up shoes. Wore shoes without fail and no blisters. It happened quite slowly, but skin that had once been red and infected was peeling away. Had scarring in the form of red patches around heels for some time where the blisters had been creeping up towards ankles. Still hurts to walk but the added pain of infection and bubble like blisters was gone, unless she walked for hours and hours."

??? patient "Spenco insoles (stops friction) but sweat ruins them. I also use Dr. Scholl inserts and cut them to free heel"

K6a patient " I just made my own pair of insoles! I bought some thick rubber foam from a rubber supply store - its about 1cm thick (black, to match the sole of the shoe). I had already bought some flat slip on shoes that i loved - but had deliberately bought them a size bigger so that an insole could fit. Then I traced the shape of the shoe and then cut out a shape a bit smaller with a scalpel - and used my dremel to clean up the edges and also thinned the edges near the toes so it would fit - then glued them into the shoes - voila!! Comfy, nice looking fashionable shoes! a little bit sweatier because of the rubber. Ideally i should get some soft leather to cover them. I'm now on my third pair i have made - always i choose really airy shoes anyway - so they are usually strappy slipons"


Spenco Insoles Dr. Scholl's Insoles]

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