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Caring For PC DVD

In 2009 PC Project developed a "Caring For PC" DVD. This is the first in a series of videos prepared to assist patients and physicians in PC care techniques. Two of the sections are available for viewing on the PC Website. If you would like a copy of the Caring For PC DVD which includes these videos, please email your request to

PCers Caring For PC DVD Comments

K6a patient "I think it's a great, comprehensive video and I know my own parents would have wanted to see it when I was young. I think some adults will get good ideas - simply because they have from the PSM sharing. But I think the people who will be benefited most will be parents of younger children."

K16 patient "I watched the video and was really amazed that I've been doing this to my feet for 44 years now. My Dad, who also had PC, took care of my feet until I was 11 years old. I was particularly disturbed by the guy who used double edge blades to cut his feet. There is no way this man still has all of his fingers. I have to be careful using my tool of choice (Gem Single Edge Razor Blades, Treet Single Edge Razor Blades) every time I cut them, which is about every twelve days or so. Anyway, I've learned to be quite the contortionist when cutting my feet. I'm extremely skilled using my left hand in certain positions even though I am right-handed. One of the problems my dad had was when he got older and could no longer get into the positions to get at all of the calluses. I took him to a foot doctor and watched this man cut my dad's feet in only 20 minutes. My dad was in a lot of pain and I could hardly stand to watch it. Clearly the foot doctor had no idea how much my dad could actually feel as he quickly cut the calluses. I stayed in the office only because my dad had dementia and could no longer answer questions. That was the only time I took him to the podiatrist. After that I cut his feet for the next couple of years until he eventually passed away. I used to spend up to two full hours taking my time and making many small skim cuts. Even though it is dead skin you can really feel it when you cut in too deep or take too much at any one time. I was also surprised at the person who used needles to test how deep he could cut. That seemed to be pretty extreme. I am not going to lie. The video is hard to watch. I find it much easier to actually cut them then to watch other people cut theirs. The one thing I will add though is the video really shows the extreme nature of the disease and shows many examples of the variety of methods people use to treat their feet. This can only help as physicians should see the video also. Another thing that surprised me with the video is the section on nails. My sister and her daughter, also patients, and myself all have normal nails, at least on our hands. I felt bad to see what some people, especially the young girls, must deal with on maintaining the finger nails."

K6a patient "My family just watched the care video together. I think it's great. My son was excited to see another youngster caring for his own nails. He seemed to like identifying with techniques we use and commented on others he might like to try. :) The music is so sweet. It also really opened his eyes to how differently people with PC are affected....something he TRULY would never know with out the exposure to others with PC that PC Project provides."

K6a patient "I saw the video and found it extremely interesting, helpful, and objective. As far as I remember it's covering all the possible tools and methods to care for PC nails. Excellent information!"

K6c patient "Wow!!! The video is outstanding! The close up shots were clear and had the right angles for the viewer. Excellent job. Also, I like at the end how the PC website was shown so that folks know they can order some of the equipment/supplies easily. That's really important. This video will be very helpful."

Physician Comments

"The nail video is amazing, and I have not seen any type of educational material like this around for any other type of nail problem. I find also that use of urea products can help soften the nails, and make clipping of thickened nails easier. Some nail physicians also will have patients soak the hands or feet in water before performing a nail biopsy because it helps get the nail pate soft."

External Link

PC Videos & Presentations (Contains sections of the Caring For PC DVD available for on-line viewing)

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