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Following is a list of various medications, products, tips and tools which help PCer's care for their feet.

General Comments

K6a patient "Sleeps with feet sticking out of bed, air conditioner in bedroom or window open in winter. Also running cold water over feet is a good calm down cure."

??? patient "Change socks and shoes often. Will change socks several times daily in summer and rotates between 3 pairs of sneakers. Also sleeps with feet hanging out of bed."

K6a patient "Painful to stand on flat, hard surfaces barefoot. When showering I use a rubber thing to stand on so not standing on flat tiles. The thing is sort of rolled up and can balance it under arches of feet. At hotels, rolls up bath mat on stands on it in shower. Works so can stand in shower. Can't walk on flat surfaces with bare feet, but carpet okay."

??? patient "Painful to stand on flat, hard surfaces barefoot. When showering I stand on large sponge like the kind you put a newborn baby on for a sponge bath"

Cx30 patient "After sitting for a while, especially in hot weather, when stand up, feet are excrutiatingly painful to put your weight on, get tingles of pain, a bit like severe pins and needles. When we sit down, we try to put our feet up on something. Seems to help relieve the feeling of pressure on feet."

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