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Not all PC patients suffer from cysts. For those that do, cysts can be painful, irritating, or create a risk of infection.


Cyst Removal

Removal by physician

K6a patient "Cysts are excised, either in doctor's office or a same-day surgery center. Have surgery at least once a year to have cysts removed from my body. Read some instances where the doctor will give you a steroid shot if they are inflamed or swollen, but that is only a temporary fix as the steroid shot will not make them go away, it will just reduced the inflammation."

PC-K17 from patient web meeting "In adulthood, I let operate away about a hundred non-inflamed cysts. This over a period of about 5 years. This worked well but it was a long and rather cumbersome process. A more convenient way to drain the cyst would be desired..."

K6a patient "Surgery to remove cysts"

Removal by patient

K16 patient "Use blade and bring out the liquid. I use needle to pop up the cysts."

K17 patient "Use diabetes lancets for opening small cysts on face."


PC-K17 (from patient webmeeting) "Oral antibiotics make me sick; use topical antibiotic powder for best results on cysts."

Tetracycline is a prescription oral antibiotic.

??? patient "Antibiotics. Tetracycline takes care of most cysts. For the exceptions they get lacerated."

Tetracycline on-line description
Wikipedia Tetracycline

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