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Many PCers have experimented with different types of footwear to manage discomfort resulting from plantar keratoderma. See the following pages for patient comments and experiences, as well as resources for finding footwear.

Shoes, Socks, and Sandals


Other Walking Aids

Because walking creates almost constant pain for the majority of PC patients, many PCers have found ways to take pressure off of their feet or use alternative forms of mobility.

Mobility equipment

General Tips and Techniques from Patients

K6a patient "Sleeps with feet sticking out of bed, air conditioner in bedroom or window open in winter. Also running cold water over feet is a good calm down cure."

K6a patient "Painful to stand on flat, hard surfaces barefoot. When showering I use a rubber thing to stand on so not standing on flat tiles. The thing is sort of rolled up and can balance it under arches of feet. At hotels, rolls up bath mat on stands on it in shower. Works so can stand in shower. Can't walk on flat surfaces with bare feet, but carpet okay."

K6a patient "I use a shower bench when I shower."

K16 patient "As I live in the UK and the weather is quite cool most of the time then I think I get an easier time of it generally. If I go on holiday/vacation to somewhere hotter in southern Europe then the pain instantly increases. I can fly from the UK with a very small amount of pain and by the time I step off the plane at the other end the pain is so much increased I almost want to turn around and come back, in fact, usually by the time we have been through customs and baggage claim I am having trouble walking at all. I usually then spend the whole of the holiday restricted to the hotel and the pool because to walk anywhere is awful. But as I enjoy laying in the sun and swimming then I guess it's not all bad!. One bad thing I do while on holiday is not drink much water during the day.....because of the pain of walking I don't want to have to get up and have to walk to the toilets, that is not good in a hot climate! Anyway, this is how badly the heat affects my feet, I have no idea how those of you who live in hotter areas cope with everyday life......we were planning to move abroad but have decided that my quality of life will be far better in the cooler UK. I hang my feet out of the bed at night, it helps to keep them cool but I also get a bit of pain resting them on the mattress and the weight of the duvet hurts a bit too, it is just more comfortable for me all round. I would rather have cold feet than wear bed socks...far too itchy for me. Also wearing bags on the feet at night if I have used any special creams, makes them itch badly too."

K16 patient "Trim every 2-3 weeks. Try to taper the PC to the skin. Unlace to boot or shoe to air or cool foot off. I use the air hose (air compressor?) to blow into the boot and cool and refreash the foot."

K6a patient "I see the podiatrist every 2 weeks (for hands too). Soak in whirlpool with cup of soap softener at 115 degrees for 20 minutes."

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