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Patients often have skin-related questions and wonder what types of things will influence their PC symptoms and what types of things will not. Please always feel free to connect with us and get the answers you need! We are here to help you gain the understanding and knowledge you need.


Tattoos and PC

Physician Response

"I understand that you have PC, are interested in getting a tattoo, and want to know if there is any contraindication to the tattoo given your condition. This is actually a complicated issue as there have been no reports in the literature from which we can draw and none of the patients we have enrolled in our registry have reported getting a tattoo, much less the outcome. However, based on our current understanding of the cause of PC, you should probably use care. We know that biopsies performed on PC patients heal fine - maybe slightly slower, but usually without any worse scarring. This suggests that the tattooing process is unlikely to be much different on your skin long term than on non-PC patients. On the other hand, you should use care in selecting the site of the tattoo, because there are certain places, like the foot, hands, and possibly buttocks/knees that may not heal as well and you may be left with a bit of thickening in the area of the tattoo that persists for quite a while, maybe indefinitely. Finally, I do not want to fail to mention that it is very important that, if you choose to get a tattoo, you select a reputable business because many of these establishments are not hygienic and many innocent people have been infected with untreatable viruses due to exposure during the tattooing process."

Sancy A. Leachman, MD, PhD Medical Advisor PC Project

Laser hair treatment

K16 Patient question: Would laser hair treatment have an effect on my PC symptoms?

Physician response

Dr. Hansen, a dermatologist who consults for the IPCRR members, indicated we have never seen any connection or problem from PC with this type of treatment. Of course, every individual may react differently, but there should be no concerns specifically because of the keratin mutation you carry which causes PC.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

K6a patient asked "I've been battling with this painful sore on my right foot for over 2 weeks now, and I was wondering if you would ask the physicians whether they think Hyperbaric oxygen therapy would help heal PC sores/blisters like these."

PC physicians' comments

1. There is no data on HBO therapy for PC

2. The basis of the HBO therapy is to force oxygen to sores that will not heal over periods of time due to a lack of oxygen to the sore (lack of circulation, etc.)

3. There is no rationale for HBO therapy being effective for PC and none of the physicians felt this would be effective or an option they would recommend.

Botulin Toxin Treatment

Treatments - Botulin toxin

Warts on the soles of the feet

K6a patient "I have them from time to time, Mum gets them also. Clippers and pull them out basically. Or chripodist and cut them out."

??? patient "I recently emailed my dermatologist about this very issue...She sent me quite lengthy, helpful reply: "Plantar warts are treatable and curable. We usually start with over the counter salicylic acid preparations. For adults, we will sometimes recommend the kind that comes impregnated in a type of guaze. You simply cut a little circle the size of the lesion and where it over the wart 24/7. It is self-adhesive and slowly eats away at the wart. This doesn't work as well in an active child as the pad can slip around and treat an area of normal skin. It may work if used just overnight. Alternatively, children sometimes find it easier to use one of the liquid salicylic acid meds that looks more like clear fingernail polish. I think it's reasonable to try these treatments. My only concern would be if we are dealing with small corns or early callus formation. The acid will also help in these cases, but the lesions may not totally resolve. In any case, dermatologists treat these types of problems all the time and we would be happy to give you some advise. As I said, it wouldn't hurt to try treating them yourselves, but come see us if things aren't working."

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