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Use in PC

K6a patient "Pedi-paws (for animal claws). It is not as fast as a sander or dremel but is very quiet and gentle good for kids to do themselves. It's not so emotionally nerve-racking because it is so quiet. You can use it on both nails and calluses."

Callus Remover

Use in PC

K6c patient "I use a double edge razor blade the reason I use it is that they are allot more flexible so that I can bend them how I need to and so that's how I cut my calluses. Then after I work on this callus for awhile and get as far down as I can without hitting skin and getting blood I use this handy device (Callous Remover, Item 72199 from Carol Wright Catalog or online store) to kind of smooth the area so it's like sandpaper and it is good for especially for hard to reach places as you can see my fifth toenail my fifth toe here um that's pretty hard for me to get to you can see I've chipped away at it with the razor so I rely on this to get at hard to reach places."


Use in PC

Many PC patients use dremel tools to par down fingernails, toenails and calluses on their feet

K6a patient "I've used a dremel for many years; in fact, I've gone through several of these. It is a hand-held, cordless Dremel Tool. I use this to grind the calluses on my feet. As you know, when the calluses are thin versus thick, it is easier to walk on them. I use this tool at least once or twice a week."

K6b patient "Spent many years soaking my feet and using a scalpel to trim them down. This was usually quite painful and led to a great deal of blood loss. Switched to the Dremel rotary tool for sanding my feet and love it!!"

K6a patient "I have a dremel which I use for paring down my toenails and callouses on feet- great help."

K6a patient "Use a Dremel Handheld Sander for toenails, for fingernails, use regular emery board to file down because nails on fingers too sensitive. In the past, used to use a double edged razor to cut away at my toenails. At times a clear liquid would come out. It was also a bit sticky. Happened more often when I let my nails grow too long and had a lot to trim off. I would get to about half the length and the middle of the nail would get soft and this liquid would start oozing out. It would always mean the nail would get infected and fall off (very painful). Now, hasn't happened since using Dremel hand sander (at least 4 years).

K6a patient "Use a dremmel to file nails down about every 3 weeks. I file them down without soaking. If soaked before filing they become gooey, very painful for her. If a nail infection or inflammation occurs after, I use nystatin or bactorban and wrap with Band-Aids. If pus appears, I pop with needle and then wrap with ointment and Band-Aid."

K6a patient "Use a dremel tool on my nails about every four weeks. The A nail file. I then apply nail polish. When I have attacks of the nails, the swell up to the first knuckles and sometimes they throb for a couple of days. The swelling can take from 24 hours to weeks before it disappears. For pain I take Tylenol 2 and soak them in ice water every so often when the pain gets too bad."

K6a patient "Dremel sander. I use on feet and toenails about once a week. Emery boards good too -.the ones made for beauticians for filing down acrylic nails are the best. They work really well when the nail is nice and dry, the nail gets down flat quickly - doing this every night little by little gets them flat enough for weekly maintenance - it makes the nails way less noticeable for kids too if you file them. Continual filing in the one direction can change the way the nail bed grows the nail out. Since used a dremel, nails grow way lower and out towards the end of finger, rather than straight up - as the sander only goes in one direction. Also, when finishing off with an emery board (as the dremel is quite rough) try to only file outwards, not back and forth and it definitely helps. I have pictures of nails sticking straight up in the air as a child and now they aren't like that at all. Since I stopped "chopping" my nails and only have sanded or filed them, never get the seeping or infection. Definitely when the fluid comes out the nail is way more prone to bacteria getting in and infections starting (very very painful). A dremel is the best money ever spent in caring for my pc - it does the built up skin on my feet and my nails."

K6a patient "Use a dremel drill on nails every other day, consistently for 35 years. Use a dremel drill on toe nails every 2 weeks in summer and once a month in winter and clip little toes the same."

K6a patient "Use a dremel tool to my heels once a week and hands. Every four weeks I soak my feet and apply a dermal therapy cream to the calluses and then wrap them up in plastic to make it easier for the foot clinic personnel to pare down the calluses and corns."


The has a four-step speed regulator (3'000 to 11'000 rpm) and a bi-directional motor. You can treat the left edge of the nail using a clockwise motion and then for the right edge, reverse the motor to an anti-clockwise direction. This way you get the exact motion that is suitable for each part of the nail.

Use in PC

K6b patient "Shave calluses after showering. File with Maniquick. Apply Vaseline or Foot therapy lotion with tea tree or aloe."

Eve & Touch Model 7
The Complete Electric Filing System Professional Nail Drill

The control dial quickly changes speeds from 0 to 22,000 RPM and runs smooth and quiet at all speeds in both forward and reverse for left and right hand users.

Masonry Drill

Use in PC

K6a patient "I use an ordinary masonry drill with a sanding disk attachment. Can sand the nails down to near flatness, depending on how much pain you can take. I find my dremel not man enough but this does it quickly."

Rotary Tool

Use in PC

K6a patient "I use a rotary tool on my feet and on my fingernails. I also use a nail file on my fingernails once I have finished with the rotary tool just to finished them off nicely close to the skin as I can't get that close with the machine (it takes the skin off). I bought the machine at Sears."

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