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Callus Shaver

??? patient "I have used fake nails for years, I file my nails down with a sand paper foot file and ordinary nail file. For my feet and to remove the hard skin there is a German product with a blade I use. That product also are use of people with out my illness for remove hard skin on feet. The name of product is Credo." Click here to buy Credo

Credo - Safety Corn Planer

K17 patient "Callus Shavers - I have an assortment, but prefer the LaCross one as the handle does not break as easily. These are available from many beauty supply stores for about $5.00. The blades are also available there (I use Sally Beauty Supply). Again, care is needed as slips result in painful cuts/slices and they take time to heal. I shave my calluses about once a week and use the PediEgg and file in between. (NOTE - I ONLY shave calluses in the bathtub after the calluses have softened for 10 minutes or so. Shaving hard calluses is not recommended as you cannot control the shaving as much.) Some of the callus shavers break rather easier, but the LaCross seems to last longer."

Assorted Callus Shavers

Callus Knife

K16 patient "The scalpel I use is called a 'Corn and callous knife' and is available from, not sure if they deliver to USA."

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