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Callus Shaver

??? patient "I have used fake nails for years, I file my nails down with a sand paper foot file and ordinary nail file. For my feet and to remove the hard skin there is a German product with a blade I use. That product also are use of people with out my illness for remove hard skin on feet. The name of product is Credo." Click here to buy Credo

Credo - Safety Corn Planer

K17 patient "Callus Shavers - I have an assortment, but prefer the LaCross one as the handle does not break as easily. These are available from many beauty supply stores for about $5.00. The blades are also available there (I use Sally Beauty Supply). Again, care is needed as slips result in painful cuts/slices and they take time to heal. I shave my calluses about once a week and use the PediEgg and file in between. (NOTE - I ONLY shave calluses in the bathtub after the calluses have softened for 10 minutes or so. Shaving hard calluses is not recommended as you cannot control the shaving as much.) Some of the callus shavers break rather easier, but the LaCross seems to last longer."

Assorted Callus Shavers

Callus Knife

K16 patient "The scalpel I use is called a 'Corn and callous knife' and is available from, not sure if they deliver to USA."


Nail Clippers

PCers use many different types of nail clippers for trimming nails and calluses.

K6b patient "Trim with nail clipper. File with sapphire stone."


K6a patient "I use big nail clippers or dog clippers. I usually soak first."


K17 patient "Nail Clippers - The brand is ProFoot and they can normally be found at Walmart and many drugstores. These clippers are a larger size, better cutting point and cushioned grips are easier to use (about $11-$15)"


K16 patient "I use normal nail cutter."


K16 patient "The dog clippers I had are made by Wahl and are called 'Guillotine Claw Clippers'"


K6a patient uses the following tools for feet and nails. "I use the ped egg (not pictured) weekly for my calluses. Besides the Ped Egg, the other very important tool for me is the small scissors on the photo, which I use to drain and care the open sores practically every day. For my nails (hand and feet) I basically use the salon boards in the photo, at least once a week."

K16 patient "My two tools of choice are a single edge razor blade and these large toe nail clippers. I've never had any success with pumice stones or any other frictional debridement tool. My dad always used single edge blades and that's what he taught us to use. My father used to soak his feet before he cut them. I cut them without soaking them because it allows me to judge better how thick they really are and I don't cut myself. When you soak them, the calluses soften making them easier to cut. The downside of soaking the callus is the color of the callus lightens and makes it difficult to judge how thick they are and I feel you are more likely to cut yourself beneath the surface of the callus, which can be dangerous."


K16 patient "I have tight hold on the nails. While shortening them, the less movement, the better for the nail bed."

K6a patient "Soak in cold water for pain, but cannot walk after soak, but my feet will feel better the next day. I trim my feet about every week. I do not use any type of drill. I use big nail clippers - or dog clippers - to cut my calluses. I use the same tool for my nails. For my palms I use my teeth."

K16 patient "Neosporin - "bag balm," loop balm under finger nails when cracked or real dry. To trim the nails I soak them and then use wire nippers. At work uses a bench grinder on the real bad ones."

??? patient "Nail clippers on the side of the nail and then file them smooth to remove the jagged edges. Once complete I wash my hands thoroughly and apply hand lotion to smooth out the cuticle"

??? patient "Soak and use nail clippers and day clippers. Occasionally I cause trauma to the nail bed if too rough when clipping. "

??? patient "Large clipper to cut off calluses."

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