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Shoes and Socks

General Comments

K6a patient: "I use extra cushion in boots and foot powder - jungle boots (breathable!) and cotton socks and I was able to walk all day ."

K6a patient: "Wear flip flops around the house and where ever else I can. Call them "my Lagunas" (that's the brand name.) Has specially made insoles, but wears the flip flops around house becaues they're just as comfortable but allow feet to breathe and she can't stand wearing socks. The sweatier the feet get, the more they hurt."

K6a patient: "Cheap, rubber beach shoes. Best ones not shaped or molded, just a flat slab of foamy type material and are usually slip ons, like flip flops but slightly fancier. Work well because they're flat, soft and make allowances for hard skin. Quite thick so they absorb rocks on the ground and they keep feet from getting sweaty because they're airy."

K6a patient: "I wear sandals when on holiday but most of the time the shoes have to be laced (done up as tight as possible). I prefer a short boot as they support the ankles and hold the shoe/boot on."

Cx30 patient: "Only wear shoes that are soft, cushioned and of natural leather. Found heat is main factor in the pain with feet and it also causes my feet to swell, redden and of course blister. If wear covered shoes (like sneakers) that have a synthetic lining, feet generate so much heat from the friction can't walk. One dermatologist suggested I use a biopsy punch (he gave me one) to make small round holes in the instep of shoes and sneakers just above the sole to allow air to flow. "

K6a patient: " I buy my shoes at Enslow Shoes 470 Park Avenue South @ 32nd St New York."

K16 patient: " is a wonderful source for shoes. They carry many brands, widths, men's, women's and Children's. Shipping and return shipping is free and the shoes arrive in a couple of days. Here are some brands that carry cusion features:

Women's...Clarks, Aerosoles, Geox, Ecco, Gentlesouls, Rockport, Campers, New Balance, Merrells Men's...Ecco, Campers, Rockport, Nike, New Balance. Also, Harry's shoes tip top shoes 2299 Broadway @ 83rd st or 165 west 72nd street in New York sell a variety of comfort shoes in many sizes both men's and women's."

Specific Products


K16 patient "Bandals fashion flip flops are so comfortable, they have a thick base and are very flexible.  The best thing is that you can change the top to match your outfit.  I live in mine in the summer as they really help and being able to change the tops means you only need one pair!"



K16 patient: "I wear camper shoes. They are very comfortable."

Camper men's shoes and Camper women's shoes have a spirit and personality of their own and present a diverse range of footwear that combines graphic design with imagination and functionality. To the senses, Camper shoes are unique, original and constantly a surprise. From the iconic Camper Pelotas range, the true original in retro sneakers, to the asymmetrical Camper Twins, that are playful and whimsical, Camper men's shoes and Camper women's shoes are filled with excitement. Urbanites around the world appreciate the creativity and artistry in Camper men's shoes and Camper women's shoes as well as the quality and comfort.



K17 patient: "Classic Crocs (not any other brand) for shoes, but has to wear with socks. She uses cotton socks (likes 100% cotton)."

NOTE: Many PCers use 100% cotton socks. However, extensive research shows that cotton holds water (think about those thick cotton towels) and PCers need to keep that water away from their feet to avoid blistering. While nylon or other synthetics may be worse, the idea of 'wicking' socks that take water away is an important concept for PCers. Wicking Socks

Crocs shoes are simply the perfect all-purpose shoe designed with total comfort in mind. Roomy orthotic foot beds mold to your soles for a custom fit; ventilation ports keep feet cool; antimicrobial and odor resistant material; slip resistant, non-marking bottoms; and, lightweight Croslite foam washes clean. Pivoting strap allows you to wear as clogs or sandals.


ECCO Sandals

Cx30 patient: "Plantar keratoderma. ECCO sandals which are European and very expensive but are wonderfully comfortable and have great cushioned soles and soft velcro straps. Don't get the sweating that happens in cheaper shoes. Also, the lining under the foot is like a suede finish, so your foot doesn't stick and blister like it does on regular leather or other substances. Can wear them barefoot whereas I used to have to wear stockings or socks, not a good look in the summer. They also make great boots that I can actually hike in in winter months."


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