2021 Virtual PC Patient Support Meeting

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021
Time: 8am-12pm MT (10am-2pm ET; 3pm-7pm UK time)

We met with the PC community for a few hours of presentations, discussions, and a medical and scientific panel to answer your questions! The meeting was free and held virtually in a Zoom meeting format.

Our theme this year is “Joy in the Journey” because we truly believe that even though we don’t have a cure for PC yet, we can still find comfort, hope, and happiness amidst the challenges related to PC. Having PC can be hard, lonely, and of course, painful. But we have one another for encouragement, tips, and help and we hope you’ll feel that in our community.

Because we want to be inclusive to as many people as possible, we used the translation software Wordly, which translates the spoken English words into spoken and/or written languages.

Everyone is always invited to attend including patients, family members, physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical representatives, and anyone interested in PC and PC patients.

Quotes from fellow PCers who have attended past PC Patient Support Meetings.

Register by completing and submitting the form below or at https://registry.pachyonychia.org/s3/2021PSM

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