2022 Virtual PC Patient Support Meeting


Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022
Time: 8am-12pm MT(10am-2pm ET, 3pm-7pm UK, 4pm-8pm France, 5pm-9pm Israel)

The PC community came together for a few hours of presentations, discussions, and a medical and scientific panel to answer questions. The meeting was free and held virtually in a Zoom meeting format with over 87 attendees.

The theme this year is “Stronger Together.” With our community of patients, scientists, physicians, and industry representatives working together, we make a powerful team! And together, we can accomplish our mission of connecting patients, empowering research, and finding treatments and ultimately a cure for PC.

The Wordly Translation App for Zoom was used for those non-English speakers so they could listen to and/or read the spoken words in one of 20 different languages during the meeting.

VIRTUAL PC MEETING PROGRAMClick here to download a pdf copy of the program.

TimeTitle & Presenter
8:00 amWelcome and Update from PC Project
Janice Schwartz, Executive Director, PC Project
8:20 amPC Basics and Genetics of PC
Robyn Hickerson, PhD, University of Dundee and Ten Bio
8:35 amPain and PC with discussion
Randy Gilliland, PhD, Intermountain Utah Valley Pain Management
9:00 amStronger Together with discussion
Jack Padovano, Chair PC Board of Trustees
9:20 amPC Research Overview
Edel O’Toole, MD, PhD, FRCPI, FRCP, Queen Mary University of London
9:35 amExploring Erlotinib as a Treatment for PC
Alain Hovnanian, MD, PhD, Imagine Institute, Paris University
9:45 amBotulinum Injections as a Treatment for PC
Ofir Artzi, MD, Tel Aviv Medical Center
9:55 amBREAK
10:00 amGroup Photo
10:05 amQTORIN™ Topical Rapamycin 3.9% Clinical Trial Update
Tracy Funk, MD, Oregon Health and Science University
10:20 amPC Medical & Scientific Question and Answer Panel
Moderator: David Hansen, MD, University of Utah
Panel: Eli Sprecher, MD, PhD; Alain Hovnanian, MD, PhD; Al Bravo, DPM;
Tracy Funk, MD; Roger Kaspar, PhD; Benjamin Nanes, MD; Edel O’Toole, MD, PhD
11:10 amBreakout Groups According to PC Types or Language
K6a Group: Roseann McGrath
K6b, K6c, and K17 Group: Al Bravo and Helaine Alessio
K16 Group: Kate Fairbrother and Tom Baker
French Speaking Group: Sylvie Potier
Spanish Speaking Group: Pamela Ibanez
11:55 amClosing Remarks
Janice Schwartz, Executive Director, PC Project


A 5 minute slide show for the break.

Quotes from fellow PCers who have attended past PC Patient Support Meetings.

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