Officially Introducing Our New Logo

Because PC Project was founded on love for people who suffer with the genetic skin disease PC, our very first logo was a heart with a DNA strand in it. Along the way, we realized our disease is often misunderstood. Because “Pachyonychia” literally means “thick nails”, some professionals have thought we are only a nail disorder. But thanks to powerful registry data, we know for a fact that PC is much more than thick nails, and the most common feature is pain due to the calluses on the feet. So, we added a logo with feet to our library of icons.

To celebrate 20 years, you may have noticed we now have a brand new logo. We want to send a clear message to everyone about the true nature of PC – that the majority of patients deal with painful feet. We included in our byline exactly what we do – research and patient support. At the same time, we never want to forget what drives us each day – and that is our love for all of you in the PC community – patients, family, friends, researchers, physicians, and all our teammates!

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PC Patient Registry
Learn why this international registry of PC patients is so crucial to the worldwide efforts to find treatments and a cure for PC