4L Trophy Driving for PC Awareness

Le Coeur Au Pied is a partnering with Maëva, who is the daughter of PCer (Valérie Curco), and Elisa, two students in veterinary school to participate in the 4L Trophy 2023.

Being a partner will provide Le Coeur Au Pied and PC Project with important media showcase because the logos will be affixed to the car and leaflets will be distributed in the two countries crossed (Spain, Morocco). This rally is very publicized in Europe.

The start is February 15, 2023 and the link will allow you to follow the daily adventures of all the pilots, if you wish.

We are grateful to Le Coeur Au Pied and are excited to hear about the experience. Good Luck Maëva and Elisa. Below are images of the 4L car. Can you fine the Le Coeur Au Pied and PC Logos?

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