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PC Patient Registry (IPCRR)

Join the registry now! This is the most important action a patient can take. PC is very rare and every patient in the IPCRR is very important. Those in the IPCRR have access to free genetic testing for patients anywhere in the world as well as many other free services.

Research Articles

Free access to over 700 full text articles on Pachyonychia Congenita, related disorders, and research. A powerful search is available for all articles and Select lists of the most current and correct articles are provided to guide you to key published information.

PC Consortium

The consortium is open to all physicians/scientists interested in keratin or pain research. The group is focused on developing and delivering therapeutics to patients.

News & Events

Quick access to the latest information from PC Project is available here including links to PC News-Brief (monthly newsletter for patients) and PC Newsletter (quarterly newsletter for researchers). Quick links to past meetings, events, and presentations are also found here.