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PC Project is empowering research by collaborating with industry, researchers and clinicians to find effective treatments and a cure for Pachyonychia Congenita.

The first PC gene, KRT16, was identified and published in 1995 by W. H. Irwin McLean. In that same year, the KRT6A gene was published by Paul Bowden. Since that time over 100 specific genetic mutations have been identified for PC. Full text of over 700 publications related to PC are available in the Published Research Articles. PC Project is always eager to collaborate on research papers and share de-identified International PC Research Registry (IPCRR) data.

PC Project serves as a resource for the medical,  scientific and drug development communities. We are willing to work with you and assist you in your efforts (see PC Project’s Guidelines for Collaborating with Industry Partners). You may Refer a Patient, Partner With Us or Connect With Us to let us know how we can be of assistance to you or your patients.

Data from the IPCRR patient registry is available on the PC Data tab including listings of all of the genes and mutations linked to Pachyonychia Congenita, a summary of the registry data and other helpful charts and graphs.

Copies of all PC Patient NewsBrief issues and IPCC Newsletters are available on the PC News and Events page as well as announcements of upcoming meetings and news articles.

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The International PC Consortium is a united effort by scientists, physicians and industry to develop effective therapeutics for PC patients.

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Learn why this international registry of PC patients is so crucial to the worldwide efforts to find treatments and a cure for PC

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