Fundraising Archive

PC Stars

Here are only a few fundraising events that have been held over the years. We would love to feature your event. Please send information and photos about your event to

Guess How Many Gumdrops & School Craft Sale


A family in Southwest Wales in 2013 held some fundraising activities at their son’s school. Their son did a guess how many gumdrops are in the jar and raised £32! The family also sold craft bits that they made as part of their new craft venture, Cinnamon and Timbit and sold £57 worth. This provided the family with the opportunity to speak to many parents and teachers about PC.

Annual PC Garage Sale


The McGrath, Filoso & Sands families hold an annual garage/yard sale as their PC Awareness Kick off over Memorial Day weekend. In 2013 during their 2nd sale and despite stormy, cold and very windy weather at the beach, they were able to raise almost $300 during the 2-day garage/yard sale.


Cycle Ride

fmountain-bike Kieren Eyles cycled from London to York. Read this short photographic story of the ride. Jul 2011

Cycle Ride

fbakertom-bikerideTom Baker cycled 300-miles around Wales to raise money for PC. Read this news article about PC. Sep 2010

Giving Tree

fschoolchristmastree A family had a PC Giving Tree for Christmas at their school. Dec 2010

Donation Card

fdonation-card One family sent a donation card to family and friends at the end of the year. Dec 2010

Chess Tournament

fchessBeatrice Wannamaker held a annual Chess Tournament each year from 2010-2015 and gave proceeds to PC. Beatrice passed away unexpectedly in 2015 and is deeply missed.

Craft Sale



Judith Hutton has craft sales to raise funds. In 2008 she attended the Patient Support Meeting in Pitlochry and presented on her fundraising suceesses. Read Judith’s letter on how she raises funds. Jul 2008

Tractor & Cars


Bob McLean sold a tractor, recycles metal and held a Car Rally Event and donated all proceeds to PC.

Birthday Party



This family holds a birthday party each year for their daughter who has PC. In lieu of presents they ask for donations to PC Project. Their daughter has a blast at the party and still gets presents from her parents.