2022 PC Love Builders Challenge Results

PC Project added five new donors to our distinguished group of monthly supporters – for a total of 51 PC Love Builders! This is an impressive number of monthly donors for an ultra-rare disease like ours. We also received many one-time donations during the campaign that are very much appreciated.

PC Love Builders are essential to PC Project’s mission. PC Love Builders are our people — insiders who make a monthly donation to advance three goals:

1. Developing better treatments for PC

2. Easing the physical and emotional pain of PC patients

3. Finding a cure

As a PC Love Builder, your monthly gift will provide a reliable stream of funding so PC Project can continue to provide invaluable resources like free diagnostic genetic testing, (a cost of approximately $1000 per patient), phone consultations, PC Patient Support Meetings, funding PC research, working with drug developers, and of course, building the powerful patient registry so we can prove to pharma companies that there ARE enough of us to work for treatments.

This team of generous donors is why we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who suffer from PC. We are only successful because of the commitment of people like you. Thank you, thank you to all of PC donors!

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