My Story:

Jackson Thomas

Best reader in his class! Way to go, Jackson…

My name is Jackson Thomas, I’m 12 years old and I have PC. PC doesn’t hold me back from doing things that I love. I play basketball with my best friends who don’t really ever notice my PC. I think that true friends can look past someone’s faults to be their friend. Only new people that I meet notice or ask about my PC. PC doesn’t affect me in school because I’m an honor student and I’m the best skilled reader in the school. I read at a twelfth grade level and I’m only in 6th grade! I file my fingernails, clip my toenails, and file my calluses. I don’t usually treat my nails and calluses often. My fingernails stop growing at a point but my toenails keep on growing. I hope that this bio will give hope to all the kids who think that they are different from others, but the thing is that you aren’t different. You’re just the same as anyone else and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

PCers have a great attitude

It is "do all you can, as long as you can despite the pain!" We definitely cheer that approach. However, stories from young PCers (those age 12 and under) who have mild plantar pain and few cysts or other PC symptoms may seem to show you can just be 'tougher than PC.'  That approach is not the most effective, since when full grown, PC pain will increase to the point that being tough isn't enough. It's important that youth develop and find 'off the feet' activities and skills. Most PCers are very, very high achievers and find a way to excel although PC pain has a definite impact on quality of life. That's a whole story in itself!

Jan's Corner

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