PC Awareness Around the World

PC Awareness Around the World – Each Year in June


It is very important that every PC patient and family join with us to raise funds and raise awareness of PC in some way in their own communities for this annual event. Click for easy 1-2-3- How To Get Started Steps and highlights of some events (as well as an Awareness Past Event Archive).

It takes millions of dollars to carry out clinical trials, plus costs for research and patient services. Both the percentage of patients in the IPCRR and the number helping in fundraising efforts greatly matter to grant funding and sponsors.

2016 PC Awareness Events

We hope to have at least 50 PC Awareness events around the world in June of 2016. Plan your event now – large or small – and help us get these listed and publicized.

Plan your event now and list it on our Facebook Events page — if you need help, just email us.

PC News and Events

Click here for PC Project News and Events webpage which includes announcements of upcoming events, important news information as well as links to all PC Patient NewsBrief issues and IPCC Newsletter issues.
PC Patient Registry
Learn why this international registry of PC patients is so crucial to the worldwide efforts to find treatments and a cure for PC