PC Awareness Around the World

How Do I Get Started To Sponsor An Event?

IT’S EASY AS 1-2-3!

  1. Choose your event. We ask every PC patient family to hold an event on or near PC Awareness Month in June. This event can be a bake sale, a bike ride, a craft sale, a trunk/yard/garage sale, a dinner with friends, a talent show, a walk or run… or some other event that would be fun for you and friends to host. It can be LARGE or small and whether your project raises $1 or $100,000, you will be joining with other PCers around the world creating “PC Awareness Around The World.”
  2. Register your event with PC Project. Please post about your event on the PC Facebook Awareness Event page. The many events around the world (large and small) create a Pachyonychia Congenita news story which will enable us to meet the goal of  public awareness for PC. You may also send an email to info@pachyonychia.org to tell us YES you will hold an event and any details or photos you’d like to share.
  3. Report Your Success. When you forward the funds raised at your event, please also send a report and photos to tell what you did. This will help others who may want to use your ideas in the future. Our sponsor will match $2-for-$1 the money you send from your event so that your efforts will bring three times the amount earned. Extending awareness of Pachyonychia Congenita is important for better funding, better care, and  understanding.

Why is PC Awareness So Important?

There are many benefits of community awareness of PC. We need to raise millions of dollars for research. This does not happen without first building a solid community both in the medical/scientific world and also in the public area. Patients are the most effective in the public area of their own neighborhood, school, and community. PC Project has been effective in producing high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles which can be easily shared with professionals.

These awareness efforts and individual fundraising efforts make a real impact when applying for research grants or seeking sponsorship funding. Please be part of the PC community effort. Together we can succeed in raising funds and raising awareness of PC.

Awareness Archive


Awareness Events Report 2012 is a six page quick summary of most of the 2012 events. Awareness Events List 2012 is a one page flyer used to advertise some of the 2012 events.


2013 Event List Graphic


2014 Event List: These are just a few of the events put on by the PC Community.


Visit the PC Facebook Awareness Event page for details.