PC Pamphlets

PC Project pamphlets to help you and others quickly learn about Pachyonychia Congenita

For Friends, School, Work, Medical Professionals and Donors. A short three fold pamphlet explaining PC and PC Project.









Wallet Size Mini Book

Wallet Size Mini Book Instructions





You may print copies to distribute or you may Contact PC Project to order mailed copies.

Also, we encourage the use of the many high quality research articles available on the PC website.

PC Published Research Articles

Search hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles on Pachyonychia Congenita.

Select List of Research Articles

To make the most current and correct articles easily available, we have created these Select Lists.

Each list contains direct links to the full text articles. There are many publications with out-of-date or incorrect information about Pachyonychia Congenita especially articles without genetic testing data. We urge authors to cite articles which include diagnositc confirmation through genetic testing (available free through PC Project.)


Short pamphlets provide basic information on PC that can be used for patients, schools, employers, friends, donors and medical professionals. Feel free to print and use the pamphlets or article lists above.