PC Leadership Planning Meeting

Key members of PC Project Medical and Scientific Advisory Board met in Amsterdam on September 28, 2022 for a robust 6 hour strategic planning meeting, organized under the leadership of Eli Sprecher and Pierre Coulombe. The way PC Project will operate and approach PC research going forward has totally been restructured, and for the better!

We are so grateful for these professionals from all over the world who sacrifice their time and talents to be on our team. They are literally the world’s experts in our disease space and we’re only getting started!

Michael Conneely, Pierre Coulombe, Antoni Gostynski, David Hansen, Robyn Hickerson, Alain Hovnanian, Roger Kaspar, David Kelsell, Edel O’Toole, Eli Sprecher and Peter Steijlen all contributed to this effective, strategic meeting. Not all members of our PC dream team were able to attend, but we appreciate them all!

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