PCers in Clinical Trials or Studies

If you are currently in a PC clinical trial like the Palvella VAPAUS Phase 3 Trial or one of the smaller PC studies going on right now, THANK YOU!  

Your participation is important and needed. Drugs for PC will not be approved without studies and trials. Even if you are in a study for a treatment that doesn’t seem to be working, your involvement is still critical because as important as it is to show that a treatment works, it is equally as important to show if it does not work, especially if you are receiving a placebo.

And while we understand patients may need to drop out of trials for various reasons, for those who can stay, thank you for completing the entire trial.   Trials and studies take time and sacrifice. We so appreciate each of our amazing registry patients who are committed to helping not only themselves, but all others with PC!

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PC Patient Registry
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