6. Living with PC

I think this is the section that really needs to be broken down by age: 0-5, 5-11, 12+

This section may also need to be broken down by different mutation. For example, we found that although Timmy (K16) had blisters when he was younger, his PC didn’t really impact his life until he was older probably 6 or 7 (can’t quite remember).  And now that he’s 11, it’s really impacting him.

  • How will PC affect my child as he/she grows up? e.g. will it get worse with age, when does it kick in?
  • Will PC limit my child’s future? E.g. it may impact on the job they can have but PC doesn’t have to hold anyone back
  • School trips
  • Uni?
  • Siblings and family life (e.g. tips for maintaining balance)

WYNTK:  tips here?

PC Kids Corner:

  1. What is PC?
  2. Explaining your PC
  3. Bullying
  4. Managing your PC at home
  5. Managing your PC with a professional
  6. Living with PC
  7. For Parents and caregivers of children with PC
  8. Supporting PC Project and the PC Community
  9. PC kids and teens- The brilliant things kids with PC are achieving!


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