0. PC Kids Introduction

Hello and welcome to our special section of our website: PC Kids Corner.  This section is all about your PC and growing up with PC and was made possible from a grant from Genetic Disorders UK (Jeans for Genes) to Pachyonychia Congenita Project Europe. We hope that you as children or teenagers with PC, along with your parents, or caregivers will use it to get valuable information about your condition.

While our website contains much of what you need to know about PC and living with PC, the information here is provided to give you ‘bite’ sized pieces of information which are hopefully easy for you to understand.  If you want to learn more about a certain area, we have included links to other parts of our website for further information.

Although this part of our webpage is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, parents and caregivers may also find the information helpful.  Section 7 is written especially for parents and caregivers.

Our PC Kids Corner contains 9 sections:

  1. What is PC?
  2. Explaining your PC
  3. Bullying
  4. Managing your PC at home
  5. Managing your PC with a professional
  6. Living with PC
  7. For Parents and caregivers of children with PC
  8. Supporting PC Project and the PC Community
  9. PC kids and teens- The brilliant things kids with PC are achieving!


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